Select Soccer

Mukilteo Youth Soccer Club has its own competitive soccer program. This program will allow players to compete at a higher level in the competitive league at a much lower cost than other programs.

The competitive season is longer than the regular MYSC Recreational season. Practices will start in June or July. Teams will play tournaments in either July or August. Coaches will notify you very early so you can plan your summer vacations. The regular season starts the weekend after Labor Day and lasts 12 games ending mid-December. Teams that CHOOSE to enter the State Championship will continue to play and practice off and on until late February or until they are eliminated from the tournament.

We will have tryouts on TBA. We will open registration for tryouts on February 1st. Tryouts are FREE!! If your child does not make a competitive team, they can still play for MYSC Recreational like last year. Why do you need to register? So we know if we will have enough players to field a team. We have coaches that many of you know already, and they are ready to go. Tryouts will be a 2-day event. The cost is $900 for a year.

If you have any questions, see our FAQs below, or you can reach Eric Christensen via email.