Tryout Results


B15 – NAVY U09
Head Coach: Adrian Mays
Selected Players: Nadeem D, Benjamin E, Emmanuel E, Amanuel F, Lucas L, Lincoln M, Wyatt O, Charlie S, Kidus S, Nathaniel S, Titan W, Adrian W

B13 – NAVY U11
Head Coach: Matt LaCoss
Selected Players: Grayson B, Charles F, Leo G, Ibrahim J, Grady J, Grant J, Sebastian K, Kingston L, Ty P, Declan R, Leon S, Jonah W, Gunner W

B12 – NAVY U12
Head Coach: Eric Christensen
Selected Players: Alex A, Jason, B, Jayden C, Taylor C, Hudson E, Micah H, Alexander R, Asher R, Muhilan S, Grant S, Brandon S, Owen S, Romteen T, Beckett V

B12 – GREEN U12
Head Coach: Andy Aparico
Selected Players: William A, Ry C, Nathan G, Cole H, Isaiah J, Grayson K, Shalom M, Vinh P, Karas S, Elroi S, Sam V, Daniel V, Ismaila W

B10 – NAVY U14
Head Coach: Doug Nowak
Selected Players: Rim B, Hiyabel B, Peter B, Alexander C, Samuel F, Elisha H, Bradley K, Brady K, Jaiden K, Austin L, Isaiah L, Makhosi M, Dylon N, Ezra W, Phillip Y

B10 – GREEN U14
Head Coach: Neal Carothers
Selected Players: Emerson C, Lachlan D, Isaiah E, Peter G, Lucas G, Asher H, Colby J, Abdoulie K, Landon K, Edgar L, Mitch M, Oliver P, Matthew S, Wade S, Matthew Y

B09 – NAVY U15
Head Coach: Troy Knutzen
Selected Players: Aiden B, Bryson B, Ashton B, Mason Ca, Kane C, Rylee C, Kirk F, Luke F, Ryder H, Cooper K, Declan M, Max O, Noah S, Owen S, Nolan Z

B06 – NAVY U18
Head Coach: Phil Groom
Selected Players: Andre A, Dario B, Archie B, Armin D, Levi D, Benjamin G, Samuel G, Trevor J, Jameson M, Jake M, Nicolas N, Kristo Q, Jayden R, Hudson R, Sakthimurugan S, Kaedon S, Joseph V, Eli W, Sean W


G14 – NAVY U10
Head Coach: Doug Nowak
Selected Players: Selihom B, Peyton B, Claire C, Hosanna D, Keira D, Lily H, Tennyson J, Skylie M, Gianna M, Sonia N, Everley P, Camila V

G12 – NAVY U12
Head Coach: Daniel Lemusmora
Selected Players: Lucille C, Ellery C, Serene D, Rosica K, Cora K, Brielle L, Arianna M, Sawyer N, Jude O, Makena O, Sienna P, Clara P, McKenna R, Sienna S

G10 – NAVY U14
Head Coach: Bryan Moran
Selected Players: Kylee B, Jocelyn B, Evelyn B, Mallory C, Sofia C, Elle J, Leila J, Jade K, Caylee K, Finley L, Hallie M, Reese O, Destiny P, Ella R, Olivia S

G09 – NAVY U15
Head Coach: Matt Rilling
Selected Players: Caroline A, Ruby A, Isabella B, Amy C, Leah G, Maya L, Chloe L, Samaya L, Jazleen M, Shannon M, Emma R, Genesis S, Evelyn T, Danika T, Presley W, Harlow W

G05 – NAVY U19
Head Coach: Amy Myhre
Selected Players: Taelani B, Emma D, Lydia F, Ashlynn G, Rayna H, Maija H, Julia K, Kaylee L, Peyton M, Emery M, Nyah M, Elizabeth M, Kalynne M, Brooke R, Natalie R, Riley S, Olivia T, Jaelin T


Games: Typically on the weekend (can be Saturdays or Sundays). Some teams will additionally participate in Spring League and State Cup Tournament. This is up to the Coach and Team.

Tournament: Teams will typically play two summer tournaments in July & August and one in November. Tournaments usually span an entire weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and consist of at least three games (could be more if your team makes it to the Semi-Finals or Finals).

Training: Teams will train a minimum of two times a week. However, some teams may also have additional training, which means training three times a week.

Travel: Your team will travel as far north as Bellingham, as far south as Tacoma, east as Issaquah/Monroe, or west to Bremerton. You would rarely have to travel east of the mountains for regular-season games. It is possible in the high school age groups. Teams in the state cup tournament can play anywhere in the state.

Payments: Upon accepting your player’s spot, you must pay fees in full or commit to a monthly payment plan with an initial payment due at acceptance. If payments are late or become delinquent, your player may be suspended from playing games/practices until fees are paid.

Please direct any additional questions you may have to Eric Christensen at